Westlake Boys High School

Westlake Boys High School Block B Refurbishment - 2013

For this project Ward Chandler, a key member of the McKay Group, oversaw the refurbishment of the electrical systems in block B of Westlake Boys High School. It was our job to bring the systems in the building up to the required standard as the school’s integration of technology into its classrooms increased. This project was completed on time, important for schooling projects as it allowed students to begin using new features of the space quickly.

McKay was contracted by Amstar Interiors for the supply and installation of the electrical systems, which included:

  • Removal and proper disposal of existing electrical systems
  • Supply and installation of new switchboard and distribution boards
  • Supply and installation of new light fittings
  • Supply and installation of new socket outlets
  • Supply and installation of class change bell
  • Supply and installation of cabling and require cable supports
  • Testing and commissioning of the building’s electrical systems

One key upgrade we made in this project was to the emergency lighting in and around the building. The building in usual circumstances has a large number of students in it, and in order to best maintain their safety we installed an extensive emergency lighting system. These emergency light fittings have their own battery packs and invertors, and are standalone units so that should an emergency occur they will all be able to function even if normal lighting fails. Emergency lighting systems are important for proper safety procedures, and our electricians and technicians are experts at installing them.