Wero White Water Course Facility

2015 – 2016

Ward Chandler, our Auckland division which specialises in electrical for mechanical projects was engaged by Heb and Counties Manukau Pacific trust to provide and install the necessary electrical equipment for their new whitewater course, located at the Vodaphone Events Centre. Our work was performed on three major sections of the facility. The first is the short course, which is 200m and meant for the general public which contains 3 submersible pumps, a VSD, and a slider bed conveyor belt. The second section is the long course, which is 300m and meant for experienced kayakers which contains 4 submersible pumps, a VSD, and a slider bed conveyor belt. Finally, we worked on the water treatment system that uses a submersible pump and VSD to circulate water through the two courses and contains equipment to filter and sterilise the water in the system.

McKay was contracted by Heb Construction for the design, supply, and installation of the electrical and instrumentation works, which included:

  • Designed, supplied, and installed the facility main switchboard and distribution boards for each part of the facility
  • Designed, provided, and installed instrumentation and control systems for the electrical and mechanical equipment throughout the facility
  • Supplied and installed junction boxes for the submersible pumps, as well as protection systems for the pump motors
  • Provided and installed circuit breakers, electrical protection, and protective earthing
  • Supplied and installed emergency stop systems and motor protection systems
  • Installed power supply for electrical equipment and filtration systems
  • Supplied and installed all cabling and necessary cable support systems
  • Testing and commissioning of all electrical systems onsite

This contract required co-ordination with several other subcontractors from other fields work on the facility, in addition to the head contractor and the client. Our project management team’s experience in communicating with other parties allowed us to build relationships on this job which made handing of tasks and keeping to the project programme proceed smoothly. Our team is ready to work with our clients to provide the electrical solution they require.