Southern Cross School


As a part of ongoing major redevelopment at the campus of Southern Cross School, Ward Chandler as a member of the McKay group of companies was chosen to provide the electrical services for stage 2 of the project. A requirement of the project was that the campus still needed to be usable by the approximately 1,600 students while the upgrades and construction were underway. In order to meet this challenge the project was undertaken in smaller steps in order to keep enough buildings usable by students during construction. As new and upgraded building finished construction, classes and other function were moved into them so that the old building that housed them could begin its upgrades of demolition.

McKay was contracted by Downer to undertake the supply and installation of the electrical systems, which included:

  • Provide electrical supply for the campus
  • Supply and install the main switchboard and required distribution boards
  • Supply and install interior and exterior lighting as necessary control systems for both
  • Install public address, alarm and school bell systems
  • Install electrical equipment for the kitchen and bathrooms
  • Install cables and required cable supports for electrical systems, IT and data systems, and security
  • Testing and commissioning of all electrical systems

For this project, 19 new teaching spaces were constructed across two blocks, along with the necessary support infrastructure and ancillary spaces that are necessary to go along with those classrooms. In addition, the performing arts centre and junior assembly hall were redeveloped. This was an extensive overhaul, performed for the Ministry of Education in order to bring the campus up to date and provide a world class education for the students of the school. Our contribution to this project will allow the facility to provide for its students for years to come thanks to the durability and efficiency of the electrical systems we provided.