Middlemore Hospital Clinical Services Building

2011 – 2014

Ward Chandler, our Auckland based division, provided electrical for mechanical services in support of Numecon on the Middlemore Hospital Clinical Services Building Stage 2 Project. This project served to provide a new key building on the Middlemore Hospital Campus, connecting all of their inpatient care facilities across the site. In order so serve the large scale of this building project, integrating each of the buildings into a single unified whole, it was necessary to provide our world class electrical services for this project.

McKay was contracted by Numecon to undertake these electrical works, which included:

  • Supply and installation of the motor control centre
  • Supply and install of variable speed drives
  • Supply and install of cabling for power and controls in addition to all necessary cable supports and containment
  • Installation and wiring of alarm systems
  • Testing and commissioning of all electrical works onsite

Throughout this project we paid special heed to the different needs of patients and staff, making sure to provide electrical systems tailored to their users based on whether an area was intended for staff of patient use. This focus on providing high quality electrical work allowed us to deliver a high quality Hospital facility.