Commercial Bay Tower

2017 - 2020

Ward Chandler Electrical Ltd, was awarded the Commercial Bay Electrical for Mechanical installation contract by AE Smith in October 2017. At the start, the Commercial Bay Tower’s foundations were dug concurrently with the beginning of the tunnels for Auckland Transport’s City Rail Link that runs under the Tower, which was quite an undertaking by Fletcher Construction. Ward Chandler started on site and commenced the installation proper in June 2018. Ward Chandler carried out the electrical installation and controls wiring of instruments and plant to eight, Mechanical Electrical Switchboards and approximately sixty Electrical Control Enclosures distributed throughout the Retail and Tower floors.

Plant included in the WCEL Scope of Works:

  1. Air conditioning equipment including:
    • Heating Controls from BMS
    • Chiller Controls from BMS
  2. Main air handling units controlling the climate control for:
    • Individual Tenancy floor zones
    • Meeting and training rooms
    • Computer rooms
    • Executive suites
  3. Ventilation systems
  4. BMS Monitoring of equipment including:
    • Thermal energy controls
    • Emergency generators
    • Energy consumption meters
    • Water consumption meters
  5. Interconnecting wiring and Monitoring of Building Services including:
    • Hydraulic services
    • Dampers and smoke dampers
  6. Testing, Commissioning and Building Compliance Hand-over

The installation team has involved over time the WCEL staff and when the convention centre fire happened on another FCCL site, 10 McKay workers came down to Commercial Bay Project and formed an acceleration team to assist the AE Smith team to get the work completed in time for the opening in June 2020.

Precincts Commercial Bay Retail opened for business on 11th of June 2020 and judging by the volume of shoppers and visitors to the all-weather mall, this offering in Auckland has been a success for Precinct and shops that opened for business.